Sunday, November 29, 2009

Idaho legislators investigating LID tax laws because of Boise Streetcar Project

In Idaho, it is legal for a city to pass a tax assessment on property owners.  This is called a local improvement district, or LID, and can be done one time.  The original intent of LIDs was for improvements within a district for things like streets, sewers and sidewalks.

But now, the city of Boise is trying to use that existing law to create a LID for the streetcar project.  This would affect downtown businesses to the tune of $20 million dollars or more.  Because of this, Idaho House Majority Leader Mike Moyle, and House Representative Raul Labrador, want to change the existing law to make any LID over $1 million to be put to a vote by property owners.

As quoted in the Idaho Statesman regarding the streeetcar:

"The way the process works today, the people who are paying the taxes don't have a say, and that needs to be fixed," House Majority Leader Mike Moyle, R-Star, said.

"That's the kind of project I don't think an LID is appropriate for," Labrador said. "We have gotten away from the initial purpose of an LID, which was to help on small projects - very local, small projects."

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