Friday, October 9, 2009

Boise City Council Candidate Dave Litster says Citizens should Vote on Trolley


Boise City Council candidate Dave Litster said today that he intends to launch a
petition drive by the end of next week to require voter approval for before Boise City
builds the proposed trolley.

Said Litster, “I am opposed to the Mayor’s proposed $60 million trolley and the
$20 million property tax increase that comes with it. But regardless of my view, I believe
the taxpayers should have the final say on a trolley that will cost $2 million per city block
and $2 million per year to operate.”

Said Litster, “My campaign is about filling this vacancy with someone who will
listen to the voters. I say to the city: “Before you saddle the voters with a ridiculous
trolley, get our permission.”

Litster said he would file the initiative petition by the end of next week. He said
he would be working with his advisors and contacting the Boise City legal department to
craft acceptable language.

Litster invited anyone who is interested in helping in this effort to contact him
through his web site at

He said he was advised by the Boise City clerk that the signatures of about 6,500
registered city voters would have to be collected.

“With enough citizen support, I am confident the required number of signatures
could be collected before the November 3rd election. This would send a powerful
message that the voters want some more “common sense at city hall,” said Litster,
referring to his campaign theme.

If Litster collects the signatures, the City Council would then have to vote to
accept or reject Litster’s proposed ordinance to require voter approval before moving
ahead on a trolley.

If they reject Litster’s initiative petition, a city election would be required to
decide the issue.


Litster is running against TJ Thomson for an open city council seat for an election
scheduled on November 3rd.

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