Monday, October 12, 2009

Latest Mayor Hotline report shows 100% opposition to Streetcar

As reported by the Boise Guardian, the last Mayor Hotline transcript showed that 100% of the people calling in about the streetcar were opposed to it.

More people need to call and write in to let the Mayor and City Council know their opinion.

Email comments to (you will get a canned pro-streetcar reply)

Mayor's Hotline 384-4404

Contact the Boise City Council

Idaho Statesman Letter to editor

Boise Weekly Letter to Editor


  1. Love your blog. We're fighting the exact same boondoggle here in Cincinnati. We collected 11,500 signatures to put a city charter amendment on this November's ballot. Once passed, it will require a public vote before the city can spend money on right-of-way acquisition or construction for passenger rail.

    Two thirds of city voters hate the trolley plan and think it's a particularly cruel waste of money in this economy. So it looks like a slam-dunk on election day.

    Help yourself to any of our content at:
    or WeDemandAVote.Com

    Feel free to email me if you ever want to discuss strategy, or trade war stories.

    Mark Miller
    Chairman, WeDemandAVote.Com

  2. Quit spending money we don't have. The "FREE" money is not "FREE" In economic difficult times we the people have to cut back wherever possible. We definitely do NOT need a twenty million dollar downtown street car. The money from the Federal Government is taxpayer money. How many people go downtown on a regular basis? This street car project will not serve the majority. Find places to save not spend money.

  3. WOW, thats awesome considering the citizens of Cincinnati crushed the crippling anti-rail messure. They demanded people vote and vote they did!

    Doris, is the money you want spend on highways free?

    Wake up guys, this is 2010 not 1956.