Friday, October 23, 2009

Council Candidate Dave Litsters Remarks About Streetcar Petition

REMARKS OF DAVE LITSTER AT THE MEDIA CONFERENCE LAUNCHING THE STREETCAR INITITATIVE PETITION (attended by several TV stations in front of Boise City Hall, 12:30 Thursday, October 22, 2009)
One of the central themes of my campaign is:  Keeping a careful eye on city taxes and spending.
This proposed trolley system is wrong on both counts.
Another central theme is:  Listening to the voters.
This proposed ordinance not only makes the city council and Mayor listen to the voters, but it REQUIRES them to take instructions from the voters on this issue.
The only reason I’m proposing this Ordinance is because the Mayor has made it clear that he has the power to impose on the people this streetcar system and the $20 million tax increase that goes with it.
And finally, let me say that I hope that the voters will join me in this exercise in democracy and quickly gather the required 6,500 signatures as the first step in this process.”

The language of the Petition follows:
“Before the Boise City Council can enact any ordinance, measure or resolution for the purpose of spending City funds to construct, in the downtown section of the City, a streetcar or trolley system, with railroad tracks in the streets and electrified cables overhead, the Council must first obtain approval for said expenditure by the vote of over 50% of the legal voters of the City.”

Starting Friday, October 23, voters can download copies of the Petition to sign and circulate.  Locations to pick up copies of the Petition will be announced later.

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